Friday, February 3, 2012

A birthday celebration.

This week has been crazy busy but fun. Part of the reason we've been so busy is because it was this guy's birthday:
 On Tuesday, Jake celebrated his 28th birthday (I told him he was officially almost thirty and therefore almost old). We have been celebrating birthday week around here. Saturday night before his birthday we went with Jake's parents and uncles (plus some of their hunting buddies) to the Rendezvous for dinner. Jake loves their ribs (who doesn't?) and it was fun being with family. Monday we had celebratory tacos at our favorite, Las Delicias. (Maybe we just used his birthday as an excuse to gorge ourselves on chips...).

Tuesday (his actual birthday) we started the night by going to Jake's favorite bar, the Flying Saucer. We had dinner (if you haven't eaten their pretzels you totally have to) and hung out. After dinner we walked down to the Forum to watch the Grizzlies play. The game started out a bit boring (we were down the entire time) but thank goodness I tweeted them that it was Jake's birthday because they pulled out a win in overtime. The end of the game was so exciting.

We continued the birthday festivities on Thursday by going to Gus's Fried Chicken downtown with med school people and tonight we're going to dinner with my parents at McEwans. I think Jake can safely say he had a long, well-fed, fun birthday week!

Happy birthday to my guy,

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