Thursday, February 16, 2012

{Go there}: Tasty Subs.

You know those hole in the wall places that you see but never go in? Because you're really just not sure? This is one of those places. I've seen it ever since I can remember - I think it has been around for at least 10 years (it was a few other things before, maybe a Back Yard Burger?).

The other day I was picking Jake up for lunch from school and were having a hard time deciding what to eat. He mentioned going and getting cheesesteaks from the Chinese place down the street and I was feeling just adventurous enough to do so.

Tasty Subs is at the corner of Union and East Street. Interestingly, it is listed on Google Maps as Yummy Subs and there were some magnets inside for Yummy Subs so perhaps it is having an identity crisis?

Once inside you go down a bit of a hall to get to the main part of the restaurant. Nothing fancy here. You order at the counter - you can either have Chinese food or a sub. I can't vouch for the Chinese food because I got a sub. I have learned, however, that some of the best subs come from Asian food places (Chinese Sub Shop? Kwik Check?). 

 The menu is posted above the counter but there are also paper copies. It appears they deliver, which is very handy for the hungry medical student.

We went with the steak and cheese combos, which included a 6 inch steak and cheese philly, fries, and a fountain drink. Our total was $13, which I consider to be a pretty good bargain.

The fries are crinkle cut and seasoned with some sort of fry salt. The sub comes in foil to keep it warm - good for taking it carry out.  In fact, based on how they serve their food, I'm pretty sure most of their business is carry out or delivery.

I loved my philly sub and the fries were very good. I'd say this is one of those hole in the wall places that isn't so sketch after all. When I'm in the mood for a philly and I'm in Midtown, this is one place I'll hit up.

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