Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Family}: Picture Time with Ellen.

My good friend Ellen is a photographer. She isn't one of those "oh my friend takes pictures," she's a legit photographer. And she's really good. Ellen has taken pictures of lots of fun things over the years and I've always enjoyed reading about her photography adventures over here at her blog.

For Christmas, Jake and I got Jake's family a session with Ellen. The last pictures they have of everyone (parents included) in one picture are from our wedding. While that wasn't that long ago, I hate that we're the center of the attention there and not the entire family. Prior to that, the last whole family pictures go back even further. So, as someone who values pictures, I decided it would be the perfect Christmas present for them.

We arranged for all the siblings+significant others to be in town on a Saturday in January (right before they all drove down to New Orleans for the National Championship). We tried to coordinate clothes and didn't really follow our own directions but what ended up happening was perfect because we somehow managed to be coordinated without meaning to.

The day was pretty cold and grey, threatening rain the whole time. Ellen totally rolled with it the whole time and was so much fun. I loved how she gave direction but made you feel at ease.

First she took us to the upstairs of Earnestine and Hazel's (which is fun because that is where our engagement party was, plus it used to be a brothel!). We did some different arrangements, some with significant others, some without:

The Whole Crew
 Minus Significant Others (non-married ones anyway)...
 Mom and her boys.
 Parents and boys.
 Dad and the guys.
 Parents with girls.
 Colby and Alex.

Then we went outside to this empty lot next door. I loved the exposed brick, the random tile on the ground, and the print on the back wall. 

 This is my favorite:

 After that, we went over to the train station and got a few pictures there.

 I love how natural and artsy this one is. She snapped it when they were hanging out.

 Walking back to our cars, we got a few fun ones - I love this one in the street.
 And this one of Jake and me.

Our last stop was Tom Lee Park. We got some pictures with the Pyramid and the M-Bridge in the background.

I am so pleased with these and think Ellen did such an amazing job. It was so much fun!

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Reenie said...

Those are really good....good looking family. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much!!


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