Friday, February 10, 2012

{Go there}: Dinstuhl's Fine Candy

The other day when Jake and I had ventured "way out" to the East Memphis Panera (we don't get out that way much), we popped into one of my favorite Memphis spots: Dinstuhl's Fine Candy store. Definitely a local favorite, this candy store started in Memphis in 1902. Since then, they have grown into three retail locations and are sold in a number of locations, including the Memphis Zoo, the Memphis Airport, and Graceland. It doesn't get more legit than that!

We went to their Laurelwood location, right off Poplar across from Oak Court, and their store was decked out for Valentine's Day. I loved these heart-shaped chocolate pops:
They had tons of red, pink, and white candies - everything from sweet to sour for your sweetie.
I also loved their collection of Memphis items. They had chocolate guitars, chocolate "cotton", little pyramids, and these "Tennessee Bars."
One of the things they are well known for is their case with a large selection of chocolates, creams, covered nuts, crunchies, and chews.
But my personal favorite of Dinstuhl's is their candy orange slice. These things are unbelievable. Imagine one of those sugar orange wedges you get at the grocery store in that package - then multiply that amazingness by 100. No lie. I do love fruity candy.
We decided we couldn't just look - and so Jake got a peanut butter chocolate (he reports - better than Reese's) and I got two orange slices. It was a nice little snack that didn't cost us much at all (less than a $1).

With Valentine's Day coming up, maybe you Memphians better head on over to our local candy extraordinaire, Dinstuhl's Fine Candy.

In sugar and sass,
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