Monday, February 20, 2012

{Go there}: RP Tracks.

There's a pretty short list of places that Jake and I frequent when we want to eat out.  RP Tracks is definitely on that list - for its food selection, drink prices, and atmosphere. RP Tracks is located by the U of M on Walker at Highland and is your typical favorite college hang out. They've got pool tables, a jukebox, a bar, and lots of room to hang out and talk.

The other night Jake and I were craving nachos and so we hit up RP Tracks:
 We got a pitcher to share while we browsed the menu. Their beer selection on draft is pretty decent - they have Ghost River, New Belgium (seasonals + Fat Tire), Yuengling, and more.

We ended up ordering nachos (jerk chicken with vegetarian chili) and an order of fried cheese. We got a random chicken tender because they were out of fried cheese except those last 5 so they gave us some chicken tenders, which was nice of them.

Chicken tender story beside, the real belle of the ball at this dinner was the nachos. These things are amazing. Our waiter told us next time to ask for the chips on the side, which was a smart suggestion because my only downside is that they are difficult to eat.

So next time you're feeling like pub grub, make the trek to RP Tracks and check out their menu. Whether you're getting the nachos or one of their other stars of the menu (the burger is outstanding), you can't go wrong.

In cheese and chips,
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