Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{News}: Big News in the Blogging World.

Folks, for those of you using Google Reader or another RSS feed, you might want to head over to my real website today...

If you do, you'll notice three things:
1) The layout has changed - I've had a redesign! Thanks to Designer Blogs , I've got a new, fun look that I feel fits my style so well. I've also got four social media buttons now, as well as a new navigation bar.

{If you go to their website, check out their pre-made templates or even their $10 templates - they are a steal and so cute. If you purchase one, mention me as a reference!! I really recommend them, they were so great to work with.}

2) I've changed my title - I've kept "living, learning, loving" but made it a sub-title and my new name of the blog is "Makin' it in Memphis," which I feel represents me and what I do here on this blog perfectly. {shout out to Gracie for that brainstorm session}

and lastly.. this one is big...
3) I've got my own domain! Thanks to a dear, dear friend who believes that everyone should own their a domain, I am the owner of http://www.makinitinmemphis.com and the blogspot address automatically redirects there. Your RSS/Readers will still pick up all of my posts but if you were to go to my old address, it would simply (and quickly - you might not even notice) take you to my new domain. I owe Eric big on this one - from tech support to motivation and courage.

So here's a little visual of the changes:

I love my little corner of the web - this is a great hobby to keep me motivated to enjoy and experience life and also to document all that we do. I appreciate all of the support and the readers that I've gathered since April 2009 when I dipped my toe into the blogging world. Here's to what is to come!
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