Monday, February 13, 2012

{Go there}: Fleet Feet.

Jake's birthday was January 31st and for his birthday, my parentals were very generous and gave him a gift certificate to Fleet Feet, an athletic store with locations all over the US. Our particular location in Memphis is in Laurelwood Shopping Center on Poplar. So when we found ourselves with a pretty empty Saturday, we decided to head on out to Fleet Feet so Jake could get some new tennis shoes.

Fleet Feet specializes in shoes but also has all sorts of other athletic gear like running shorts, shirts, socks, even jogging strollers:

But what they are known for, and our purpose for going in, is for fitting your foot to a particular tennis shoe. In fact there is a sign posted that says "you cannot pick your shoe by color." So a salesperson will talk with you, find out what you're using the shoe for, look at your feet, hear about your particular needs, and bring some options. Once the shoe is on, they'll watch you walk in it and, if you're going to run in the shoes, have you run on a treadmill.

Our salesperson was very friendly and helpful - I especially liked how much he knew about feet/running/shoes. Jake has some very particular needs in his shoes - he has a very wide foot and has had issues with plantar fasciitis. This guy knew just the shoes Jake needed. Jake tried them on (as well as another pair, which were not wide enough) and he walked around to check them out. I was disappointed that he didn't have to run on the treadmill, but alas these particular shoes are for everyday use (Jake is on his feet a lot and walks a lot - plus once he's on rotations he'll be standing even more).

After talking to the salesperson, we decided that we'd also buy some inserts by Super Feet that he could put in these shoes as well as other shoes like his Wallabies. They give more support and help with Jake's plantar fasciitis. Here's our guy trimming them to fit Jake's feet:

With shoes and inserts in hand, we headed to check out. On the way to the check out, I couldn't help but snap this picture of this piece of furniture - how cool. Fleet Feet has style. I would love this in my home! Way to go.

If you're in the market for a good pair of tennis shoes, I've learned the hard way that you really can't pick based on looks or trends. You've got to get yourself fitted for a good shoe. It really will make a difference. So head on over to Fleet Feet. We had a great experience.

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