Monday, February 6, 2012

What I'm loving lately.

 {I'm loving....}

Our Wino Night ritual with my friends (that is Chan hiding in the background of this picture).
 My new found obsession with Cuties (and I don't even like regular oranges).
 The purged, refreshed, clear feeling you get after you do a major cleaning - last weekend it was the dressing area. All cleaned up for a bit now.
 Another new obsession: Greek yogurt (not plain - must have fruit mixed it). Favorite? Pineapple.
 My phone cover. Makes me happy whenever I look at it. (and of course my phone too... obsessed).
 Figuring out we can order K-cups from Sam's in bulk and saving over $40. This is an 80 cup supply and will last Jake a few weeks.
And apparently I'm loving cardigans (it's true) because as I cleaned up, I realized I had hit the 50 mark for the number I own. Here they are in my wardrobe.

In appreciating life for what it is,
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