Sunday, February 26, 2012

{Go there}: Revival Food Truck.

A few days after Jake's run-in with the Fuel food truck, I finally got my opportunity to try out food truck living. We had conferences at school so I was able to act like an adult and escape for lunch. The stars aligned and the Revival Food Truck just happened to be parked outside of the med school.

I was very much pumped to be able to try out the Revival food truck. The selection changes day to day and they post on their twitter site their menu for the day. This particular day featured duck, pastor, and vegetarian tacos, as well as buffalo chicken and cuban sliders. They had several sides and desserts as well:

We rendezvoused at the truck for lunch:

After ordering our food (we both got pastor tacos with fries - Jake got his "dirty", which adds a gravy sauce atop), we went across to the Med School lounge to eat. How romantic. Several of Jake's friends ate with us and one was so kind to share her Revival dessert with us. It was a Krispy Kreme bread pudding and it was divine.

the dirty fries up close -

After eating, we picked up more for my dad, who was up working in his office just a block away. It was pretty cool to be able to take him lunch and let him experience a food truck too!

Revival's food truck was fun, delicious, and overall a great experience. If you can catch them on the street one day (hint: check their twitter), check them out. They take cards and cash.

In food and fun,
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