Sunday, November 8, 2009

I may just have the coolest brothers.

I've been using my parents' computer at their house while our internet is out (yes, still out - thanks Comcast & Bellsouth). I uploaded my pictures off my camera on to their Iphoto. While I was doing so, I browsed their iphoto library and found some artwork of my brother's from AP Art last year. It definitely made me miss my brothers (I've also been listening to my other brother's playlists on itunes) and I have decided I probably have the coolest brothers around. They are just both very very talented and I pale in comparison to them. I'm not quite sure how I got so lucky to have them as my brothers. One is an artist (these are some of his pieces above) who is in architecture school. The other is a musician who sings, plays guitar and piano, and is studying voice. Besides being so talented, they are funny, smart guys who care about people. I mean who could ask for more? I think my parents did something right when it came to them. Sometimes we don't realize it... but I guess that is what college is for - appreciating what we have. Since they've been gone, I've definitely appreciated them a lot more. They don't read this blog but I just wanted to share some of Ez's artwork with you because I am so impressed!!

1 comment:

Amy Dale (Amy Cox) said...

i had no idea ezra was into art.
that first piece is pretty sweet!


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