Thursday, November 19, 2009

Project #2 - a preview.

Here's Ty, modeling the next of my little projects. We inherited some generic tan panel curtains for the den. We've got some chocolate Pottery Barn ones that we may use as a back up, but just for fun, I wanted to try a little project. I want to insert color and pattern but wanted a cheap way to do so. I went to Broom Corn Fabric's moving sale yesterday and bought a yard of this fabric - 40% off. What I'll do is make a horizontal stripe down the panel, about 1/3rd of the way from the top. That way, most of the panel is khaki while there is a bit of pattern. I saw it on Design Star on HGTV. We'll see if it works!! Stay tuned..

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Amy Dale (Amy Cox) said...

we had to do this for our curtains. we had windows that were 80 inches tall in our last place.

when we got in our new place, the windows are almost 100 inches tall.
we couldn't afford to buy all new curtains.

so, we added about 1.5 feet of a pattern at the bottom of the curtains. i was a little skeptical at first. but, i have to say, they are awesome looking. from the inside and out from the street!

((i know this response is useless without pictures, but one day i WILL post pics of my place. ))


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