Saturday, November 21, 2009

Project #4: a preview.

I needed something for above my awkward-sort-of-by-the-back-door wall. As you see from the post before, I've got a shelf and mini-bar stand on the wall currently. Now I have plenty of mature, home-ownerly things that could hang there. Pictures of spices from IKEA, photography, wedding pictures, whatever. But while most of me is a grownup with a job and a mortgage, a big part of me is still young. And what do young people love? Cute cheesy canvases!!! I did these in college and just couldn't resist. Jake thinks my newest project is ridiculously cheesy but I told him it is the only place in the whole house I'll be cheesy so he was ok.

Here's the preview of the project - Once the walls are painted in the den, this will go on the walls above my shelves.

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