Friday, November 27, 2009

Our bathroom: not before, not after

Our master bathroom now is mid-way through being painted my favorite green, "Shagreen" by Sherwin-Williams

I've been blogging about all my little projects around the house... well this would be a sort of big sort of little project. I forgot to get a before picture but I got a mid-way picture instead.

This is the "master bath", located next to the master bedroom and across from the den. It is actually very big, has lots of storage, and a huge shower so we're very lucky. It also has very nice white tile that is in excellent shape. We lucked out on both bathrooms, actually.

When we moved in, this bathroom was painted white. Like the rest of the house. The tile didn't "pop" since it blended in with the walls. In addition, there was this light fixture that was just BLAH. It was just one of those bars of clear frosted plastic covering 4 bulbs. Nothing fancy.

Like I said, we're mid-way through this project. Midway because, to our credit, we've:
1) painted the bathroom Shagreen by Sherwin Williams
2) changed the light fixture to this nice brushed nickel one from Home Depot (it was 25$!!)

Also, mid-way because we still have to
1) paint the part close to the ceiling
2) put in a new window treatment
3) clean up the place

*In addition, in the future we want to change out the counter/sink action to something a little classier and replace the handles on our vanity.

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