Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our next project... Lighting.

the dining room chandelier (classy, but doesn't emit a lot of light)

the tragedy that are our bathroom light fixtures

the retro fixture in between our kitchen, den, and back door.

I've posted about various projects I've got brewing. One that has become immediate is a switch out of some light fixtures. By the way, light fixtures are expensive. Our house has an issue with light (it is very dark in the living and dining room) and I need my natural sun light. While we've got the electrician over installing the plugs for the washer/dryer project, I asked him to switch out some light fixtures. Since I'm all about the bargain, I went in search of something cheaper than your good ole' Home Depot light fixtures.

Jake found this website called and so I browsed. And browsed. Whew, they have a lot of light fixtures. Many pages later, I decided on a new dining room fixture:

Lighting Direct has free shipping specials, you pay no tax, and you save some cash. I got this for 30$ less than Home Depot PLUS no tax. Now, it hasn't arrived yet so I'll let you know how this all turns out. Stay tuned for the results - lighting fixtures can transform a room!

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