Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Project #1.

While various large scale projects are going on around here (laundry room construction, painting, kitchen plans, etc), I've been also doing a few fun crafty small projects. One that is in progress currently involves two tables I got from Worlds Away here in Memphis. Jake's mom worked there for a while so I would go in and browse their warehouse selection (if you live in Memphis, check it out! It is downtown and they have a scratch/dent section with discounted prices!!).

I got a large table and a small magazine stand there during college. One of their things is that they hand paint furniture. Both of these pieces can be hand-painted. Since I bought from the warehouse, mine were slightly damaged (= discount!) and not painted. At first, I had just spray painted the small table black and painted the top of the big table green (to use as a dining table in my house during college).

My tables after being prepped for a new do.

After a few coats of spray paint, a roll of blue tape, and a gold paint pen, here is the end result for the little table (ignore the piles of unpacked junk in the background!):

I still have to complete the big table - it is going to be an end table for the couch in the living room and has a lamp on it so the spray paint sort of shines too much. I want to get a round gold place mat and put it on top of the table under the lamp and then do the same dots on the scallops. I'll update with pics of it when that happens.


lauren @ gathering moss said...

I HAVE TO GO TO THIS STORE!!! suuuuuuch cuuuuuute taaaaaables!!! how do you get in on saturday? every time i try to go, no one answers the phone and no one is there. ugh.

i think the paneling already looks awesome just primed! i actually like the look of painted paneling too, and some crazy part of me is sad our house doesn't have any. weirdo.

good luck with all your projects! you know i feel your pain ;)

Unknown said...

I've never gone on a Saturday but I'll ask Jake's mom. She said something about them only being there until noon? I'll ask again and listen this time.

And confession: I like wood paneling once it is painted, too! Bare = no but painted it has interest and looks like big beadboard. I'm pumped to get it painted.


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