Friday, November 20, 2009

Project 3

Continuing in our series on small little side projects around the Jasper household, I bring you the awkward-wall-by-the-back-door where we don't really know what to do with the space. See, you've got about 10 feet of open space before you get to the cabinets in the kitchen from the back door. This space is open to the den as well so it isn't really clearly defined. Until we know what to do, we decided (well... I decided) to make a little back-door station for the time being.

I found a short white foldable shelf at Target for $10 on clearance. With a little yellow spray paint, it became much happier. I knew I needed a place to put our dog food so that went on the bottom shelf.

When we moved in, we found an old bread box in a drawer. I thought it was cool and had character so I kept it, tripping over it daily while pledging to find something to do with it. Finally, one day I figured it out: we have all this recycling that piles up on the counter until it makes its way to the bin outside. This bread box was the perfect size for our assorted cardboard and plastic-ness. It has a sliding top so everything is out of sight, but there are holes so the stuff can breathe and not smell.

For the heck of it, I decided to get turqouise spray paint and went to town on the bread box. I also wrote "recycle." on the bottom right, because I do love good paint pen action.

Pictured below is the end result. The wall behind it won't always be white - that is the primer (see post on den walls). Once I'm completely done with the den, I'll post a picture of this area because hopefully everything will come together swimmingly.

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