Monday, April 5, 2010

Beamer's Big Easter Adventure

After a wonderful Easter dinner Saturday evening with my family, followed by the Easter Vigil service at our church, Sunday morning brought an Easter basket (thanks, Easter bunny!), another Easter service, and then a trip to Jake's parents house for their Easter dinner. We decided to bring Beamer along since he used to live there and since he is quite the celebrity. On the way out, I noticed some of my flowers were blooming in the bed I just cleared out... I think these are paperwhites?

Well, Beamer loves a good car ride. So we packed him up and took off (and since I love my car very much, you know this is a sign that I love Beamer because I let him in my car).

Once we got to Jake's house, we shared some good times with his fam. They're wonderful!! Here's a pic of me with Jake's mom and sisters - aren't they gorgeous?

The Jasper girls:
So while we were all brunching, chating, and picture taking, Beamer was having a big adventure. See, when Beamer used to live at Jake's house, he had a favorite activity. There is a giant industrial sized playground slide in their backyard that Jake's mom got from a church playground that was getting re-done. So this metal slide is huge. Beamer used to love to climb up this slide, sit at the top, and patrol the neighborhood. From the street, all you'd see was a basset hound peaking from behind the roof of a house and it was the oddest sight. When Jake's mom tells the story, we all just die laughing because it is so funny. So of course, today when we took him over there we looked back and there he was, happy as can be:

 I'm glad I was able to document this finally and share it. Beamer hopes you all had a happy Easter.


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