Thursday, April 1, 2010

I need help.

When I told my mom this afternoon that I needed help (hence the title of this post), she replied "we knew that." Har-Har-Har. But really. I need help. As it relates to throw pillows, anyway. 

So, it all started this afternoon. I was on a lunch date with my (sort of) new friend Hilly at La Bag and of course we decided to pop on over to Pier One, since we were in the 'hood and all. Bonding over decor is a must. First I saw these adorable placemats (20% off 3.95$ a piece, Mom!!!) that I think the Easter Bunny or Resurrected Jesus or whoever should bring me (hint. hint). They are pink and orange with rick rack. So me. 

 So here we are enjoying ourselves and I stumble upon this awesome chair. 

 See, I've been needing a chair for the front room to add to our seating. And this one is actually a dining chair, so I could pull it up at the table, if needed. I think it is adorable. I want it. That isn't where I need help, though. The help starts now. 

We found our way to the throw pillow section (our real mission) and Hilly helped me pick out all of these great pillows that looked so cute in the store. And then I got them home and only two worked (sad face). Here's one of the super cute ones that DID work:

I'm digging the partridges and use of rick rack (sense a theme?). I had picked out pillows for our slipper chairs but the colors clashed majorly. I picked out other pillows for the couches in their respective rooms, but not so much. So I set out to Target to find some options to mix and match with the ones I got but am not sold on. I ended up finding great chocolate brown pillows with a subtle pattern, so the living room is a go:

(the only thing that drives me crazy is that we haven't taken down the bars on the windows yet.... and I can't decide whether we should or not). 

But when it came to the den pillows, I just got myself more confused. I found the soft tangerine color pillows I was looking for to go with the Pier One pillow I loved but also found a cute polka dot pattern pillow that could work as well (that is cheaper). So this is where I need your help. 

Option one:

 Option two:
 I just can't decide... they are both cute but for different reasons. The second one matches the polka dots in the curtains well but the other one makes me feel young and hip. What to do. What to do.


Hilary Dow Ward said...

LOVE #1...Like #2....emphasis on LOVE #1....
Thanks for the hooch pillow pal!

Robyn said...

#1 :)

Our Volunteer Family said...

I like option #2 best - but I am always partial to polka dots!

emwvaughan said...

So, I know you were returning throw pillows recently. Which option did you go with?? :-)

Comeca Jones said...

I loved option one reminds me of a Vera Bradley fabric .


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