Saturday, April 3, 2010

End of Spring Break

I write this with a sad sigh - spring break is coming to a close. And what do I have to show for it? A weeded bed, a slight suntan from spending time on the patio, a lot of throw pillows, a rearranged den, a lot of polyeurathane, and too many meals eaten out. Now I'm not complaining because all of those things were/are wonderful, excellent, and so on... but does it have to end? I suppose so. 

So as I wind down the last of the "spring break projects," here's where I stand:

After hours of poly-ing, coating my hands in the stuff (probably not healthy), I have two desk tops and four doors polyed and ready to go. If I don't ever poly another thing in my life, I'll be ok. 

In the meantime, I managed to finally get a cute picture of Sebastian playing in the hard. He is hard to photograph because when you get close to him he gets too excited and gets in your face. Here he is:

Yeah, still no grass... We're waiting on that patiently around here. 

I did unearth a treasure in the garage. While poking around in the back, I found this bench:

Odd things were piled on top of it, making it hard to see. It seems to be hand-made and the previous homeowners left it in the garage so I decided to use it. It inspired my den re-do. But first, it needed a cleaning:

 Mmm. Cobwebs. Good news is it cleaned up nicely and is serving its new purpose in our den. More to come on that...

Off to enjoy the last bit of spring break!

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