Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Buy this: Land's End Canvas

I was born and raised a Land's End girl. I remember thumbing through the catalog and picking out outfits as soon as I was old enough to pick out my own clothes. My mom always made me call and order my own clothes from the 1-800 number (while at the time that was intimidating, it helped me because I don't mind talking to new people at all). 

As I got older, I didn't really like Land's End clothes because they were too boxy for me. I converted to JCrew, Banana, and Ann Taylor LOFT. Well the blogland is buzzing because Land's End recently introduced a new line - Land's End Canvas. I decided to check out their website today and I wanted to share what I'd buy if I had any money:

I really need some new jeans. The last ones I bought were from Old Navy and have been great but were supposed to be a cheap pair to carry me over until I got better ones. I've got two pairs (both ON) that I love but neither are going to last much longer. I like these from Canvas:

I also have really been liking the straight leg jeans lately but I'm afraid I'm too "hippy" for those. I guess I could always try them on. I started reading the blog "According to Nina" and she loves her white Canvas straight leg jeans:

I'd like to say congratulations, LE Canvas - you've captured my demographic quite well. The prices are pretty comparable to what I'd spend at the LOFT and a little less than Banana and JCREW. Plus, lately JCrew hasn't exactly excited me. And Jake will be pleased since Sears carries LE and he can mosey on over to the TV section and play with electronics while I shop.


lauren @ gathering moss said...

are you kidding me? they sell this at sears? i'm dying for the gingham shirt, poplin skirt and shawl-collar sweater, among other things ;)

Hilary Dow Ward said...

quite seriously....are we related?
Thanks for the hooch on the new lands end gear, what a good looking bunch of clothes! I love BR, I worked there for 6 sad I don't still have the discount. I kind of think Jcrew's clothes are flimsy, if they were the same price as old navy I wouldn't have a prob but they don't. I'm willing to wager that these clothes are not only good quality, but as we can see are a bang for the buck-a-roo.
Maybe one of these days you and I will have fabulously decorated houses and can once again return to our first love, affordable "couture". :)


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