Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh and by the way.

I know most of my friends know this by now but one reason we've been so busy this week is because we've been celebrating Jake. He has worked so hard and has been wanting this so long... and so guess what?

 So we'll be on a budget for a while longer but it will be worth it. This has been Jake's goal for so long and it is finally happening. And the best part is now because of his Master's program he is going into his first year with several really good friends as a support system. So here's to 4 more years of school and then some!


Our Volunteer Family said...

That is awesome Kathryn! I know you and Jake are so excited. Does he know what speciality he is going to choose yet?

lauren @ gathering moss said...

congratulations jake!

Unknown said...

Alissa - he has no clue. He says he is going to just experience everything and decide from there. He really liked the ER work at LeBohneur when he shadowed there but he doesn't know what else he'd like.


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