Tuesday, April 20, 2010


During Spring Break, I unearthed our front bed. It had been overgrown and you couldn't see anything but weeds. By the end of that Monday, it was relatively under control. We'd found hostas, irises, lilys, and chrysanthemums that I didn't know existed. 

With the lack of sunlight our flowers had been experiencing, I was very worried about their future. A few weeks ago I went to my car in the morning to be greeted with this:

It is amazing how a little flower can fight through the weeds - determined to live, to thrive. After just a few days of sun and a little watering, we had a full scale iris explosion on our hands:

 I've been out in the yard like a proud mom taking pictures constantly because these are my first real flowers I've nurtured and grown. I feel like if such a delicate thing, these flowers, can survive under such dismal conditions for so long and still thrive once liberated from their weeds, I too can survive, grow stronger from my adversities. 



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