Monday, January 3, 2011

Implementing the IKEA.

Perhaps my last IKEA post for a while... I used my time off the past few days to hang the things I bought on my trip to IKEA. 

First, in the office, my canvas:
 Also, finally hung the engagement prints from Fall 2008, along with a greeting card from the Sewanee book store, next to a folk art piece from Trolley Stop Market.
It may not bug you as much as it does me that these walls are still white, by the way, but they won't be for long - we still have two unpainted places in the house: our halls and the middle bedroom. We're waiting to paint this hall until we close off the doorway so we can paint it all together.

1 comment:

emwvaughan said...

The canvas looks fantastic! I think that was definitely the "find" of the Ikea. (Well, it's either the canvas or the dog's tail leash hook. I can't get over how cute that is! Wish I'd snagged one, too :-))


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