Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Go there}: Bogie's Delicatessen.

One of my favorite Midtown lunch spots is Bogie's Deli. Located over in Overton Square, Bogie's Deli has charm and that laid back Midtown feel. I love sitting out on the porch with my pasta salad and my guy, soaking in the day.

Bogie's is in an old Victorian home so it has the charm of someone's house but the efficiency and tastiness of a deli. Their menu ranges from sandwiches to soups to award-winning cakes. Personally, I always get the turkey breast deluxe (half) and a side pasta salad. Jake likes to change things up and tries something different each time.

Next time you're in Midtown and wanting some lunch fare, stop by Bogie's - right behind Bosco's by Studio on the Square. You'll love it.

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