Monday, May 14, 2012

{House}: Exterior, Part Three.

In our last installment of the exterior renovation on our ranch-bungalow (side note: that is a real thing. I found out the other day it is a real architectural category), I shared that we had installed our new door. Then I droned on about staining versus painting the door (I think I'm staining it) here.

Last week we got our next step in the exterior renovation: the new window.

The Christenson Sash and Door guy is the one that suggested this style - I knew I wanted a Craftsman door and wasn't sure what to do about the picture window and he came up with this design. I love the way it mirrors the door.

So we still need to stain the door. That's the next step. After that, new posts and rails.

 I've been keeping an idea board going over at Pinterest and saw this house that has the perfect posts and rails:

So that is where we go from here. Now how about that perfectly manicured lawn on the idea house...

In staining a door (expect a blog post!),
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Kala M. said...

Hi Kathryn,

I think the house is looking great. After seeing your inspiration for the porch I wanted to send you the tutorial I found and pinned for bungalow columns. This should help you out if you decide to make them on your own.


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