Saturday, May 5, 2012

{House}: Exterior - stain vs. paint.

As mentioned yesterday, our new door was installed this week. So now, until next week when they come to finish the trim, the inside of our door looks like this:

(who loves an iphone pic? this girl!)

Needless to say, the trim has to be put back on. But now we've got to decide... should we paint the door per the original plan or stain it?

My original thought was to take the paint color from our bathroom that I love (Drizzle by Sherwin Williams) and get an exterior version for the door:

But now that I see the front door with its wooden beauty, I wonder whether I'd love a stained door like a true Craftsman door is:

So naturally I did a little searching on pinterest and found some ideas of stained Craftsman doors. That led me to a great site called Houzz where I found some great stained doors:

These two are closest in color to what ours would be stained like:

The color I would stain it would be a lighter, orange-cherry looking wood to match the trim in our house. I'm having difficulty deciding if it will look too plain, especially since I can't find any stained wooden doors with red brick online. 

On the other end of the spectrum, part of me really wants the fun pop of a painted door. I'd still stain the back (to match the trim in the house) but want to paint the outside some fun color. Perhaps I'd paint it the Drizzle shown above. Or maybe something else fun... I have been lusting after this yellow from door from Pinterest, after all:

Here's a great blue door example:

So as you can tell, I'm majorly conflicted. I have yet to find a good picture of a house with red brick, white trim and posts, and any craftsman door so I really can't tell what it will look like. 

So here again is our current unfinished front door...

Now I need your thoughts..

- Stain?
- Paint? (and if so, what color?)

In indecision,
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andrea said...

I'm leaning towards the blue you picked out originally! =) I think the pop of color would be refreshing and I also think the color goes well with the brick and white!

(here's a link I found with a 'Peacock' colored front door:



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