Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{Go There}: Central BBQ.

This {Go There} post is so obvious that I feel ridiculous even posting it. But really. You should go there. So here I am, posting it. Last weekend Jake and I found ourselves craving a good patio experience and so Saturday we went for a late lunch to Central BBQ (on Central Ave). If you're coming to Memphis and looking for good BBQ, I promise you want to go to Central. It is the real deal.

You'll find yourself with a little bit of a line most likely, so FYI - you stand in line to order, then take your seat. The line might be out the door, so make sure you keep the door closed and wait outside until there is room inside. Otherwise you'll look like a tourist.

Now.. what to order. You can't go wrong with the bbq or the ribs. I recommend a half order of the bbq nachos. Jake swears by their wings. They've got specialty beers on tap and you can buy their sauce and rub at the counter.

Something I love about Central BBQ, besides the food, is the character. They've just got this clearly perfect "Memphis" vibe about them. It is hard to put into words, but it is this eclectic mix of Southern, hip, urban, folksy things. To me, that's Memphis.

You can go to the original Central BBQ on Central or try their Summer Avenue location. The Summer Avenue location (at Waring) is just as good, has some of the character, and a lot more space. They are opening another location off South Main downtown soon so look for that one to come.

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