Monday, April 30, 2012

{Life}: Random Update.

It's about time for another random update. We've been busy busy busy lately (isn't that what I say every time? well it's true). Jake finished his boards and his second year of medical school. He started his rotations this week so last week his class had a social. Here we are:

Sidenote: after that picture, I researched shampoos that are good for frizzy hair. Because my hair was straight and sleek about 10 minutes before that picture. I'm now using Garnier Sleek and Shine.

Sunday morning we drove by our midtown Starbucks on the way to church and the drive through line was to the street. So instead we went to the Starbucks by the Fed Ex Forum downtown and got our drinks and pastries. The seats outside were taken and it was so pretty so we walked over to the Forum and sat on a picnic bench. It was so lovely and a little nod to the playoff game that night.

Sunday always means Target runs around here and this past Sunday was no different. I was looking for new workout shorts and I let Jake wander as I tried them on. I got finished and went looking for him, knowing he'd be exactly where he was - playing the demo video games. How cute is he?

In dog news, Harley and Beamer are the best of friends. They regularly hang out together on the couch like this, just chilling together.

(For the Sebastian fan club - he was napping in the front room per usual at the time of this photo)

Add in a little cooking, a lot of working, and some house cleaning and you've been caught up on life lately around here!

In 3 weeks left of the school year,
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Our Volunteer Family said...

I have frizzy hair, too. I have a new go to shampoo - Suave Keratin. It is amazing!

emwvaughan said...

As a member of the Sebastian fan club, I want to thank you for that update :)



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