Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{Go there}: Old Venice Pizza Company.

Usually on Sundays Jake and I go to our favorite, Garabaldi's. But a few Sundays ago, Garabaldi's was closed for Easter. So we had to branch out - we headed to a place we never go because it is always too crowded - Old Venice Pizza Company on Perkins in East Memphis. Apparently on Easter Sunday not too many people eat out for dinner (too much ham and deviled eggs at lunch, perhaps?).

So there we were, dining out to celebrate our own little Easter. And what I'm about to say will shock you - we went to a restaurant that serves pizza. And we didn't order pizza. I know. But I was craving pasta so there we were, looking at the menu of delicious pastas:

Jake chose the Trausclaire and I got the Godfather:

While we were waiting for our food, I took in the rustic Tuscan environment (Old Venice? Tuscan?). I called the style "ruscany" - I think it will catch on.

We both ordered caesar salads. Old Venice does these well - light enough but still lemony and a caesar zing. Croutons seemed to be homemade, perhaps from the breadsticks they provide before dinner (which were delicious - we ate those without a picture, THAT is how good they were).

And before we knew it (no really, the service was great), it was on to the main show: PASTA. Sometimes I just really want to eat the crap out of some pasta. And now I've found the perfect place to do so (well, second most perfect but Lavoro's Italian is too far out East for the everyday).

My Godfather pasta was like they took an inventory of my favorite things and put them in one dish - gorgonzola cheese, vodka cream sauce, pepperoncinis, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and chicken. And let's talk about the chicken. It wasn't chunked, questionably uniform chicken pieces like some places. It was thinly sliced freshly cooked chicken breast that tasted unreal.

Jake reports that his pasta was also life-changing. He even tolerated me taking these pictures at dinner, which is his way of saying that it was so good that it deserves to be blogged about. So there you have it. If you're in Memphis and love pasta as much as me, you better check out Old Venice.

In pasta with a side of carbolicious breadsticks,
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Natalie Tate said...

Yesssss, I LOVE this place! My boyfriend and I went there a few weekends ago on a whim for our date night and had an awesome time. The patio is really nice and they have great champagne mixed drinks, too!


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