Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{Make this}: Cheap Chinese Fake-Out Dinner.

I love cheap dinners. I love easy dinners. So cheap and easy? I'm sold.

When Jake and I were strolling around Target the other night on one of our hot dates, we found two great things in the frozen food section. The first was frozen spicy Szechuan green beans that you can microwave and the second was a bag frozen potstickers you can boil and then pan fry to crisp.

Immediately we knew that one of the dinners we'd be trying at home the next week would be a chinese fake-out meal. We're still attempting to cook at home as much as possible. So one night when I didn't get off work until 6pm was the perfect night to cook those bad boys. And I have to report - the frozen food section of Target delivered.

You know when I find something good I've got to share - the green beans are Archer Farms and the potstickers were Ling Ling brand. Both found in the frozen foods aisle of your local Target!

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