Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{Memphis}: Walk the Greenline.

Have I told you lately that I love Memphis? This quirky little town hiding in a big city body is a cool place - some people don't believe me but between our historic neighborhoods, delicious local restaurants, arts and music performances, and beautiful weather, I believe Memphis has a lot going for it.

Recently we've had some big investments and improvements in our city. From the winning streak and subsequent pride of our Grizzlies to all sorts of initiatives from A.C., our mayor, Memphis is up and coming. Pretty recently the city finished a project converting old rail lines to a green line that runs from Tillman on the edge of Midtown/East Memphis all the way out to Shelby Farms. Greenlines- they are so hip right now.

The other day my mom and I walked the Greenline. I couldn't help but think how nice it was to be pedestrian in my city. To feel like I was in the middle of nature but right there off Walnut Grove. I snapped some pictures that I just had to share -

We picked up the trail at High Point Terrace and walked towards Tillman. This stretch has some great mature trees that shade you as you walk.

You also walk by the country club, which is fun - pretty and green. By the way, the sky was really that blue, these pictures aren't edited at all. It was a gorgeous day.

More walking...

Towards the end there is a fun bridge you walk across. I'm mildly obsessed with this bridge. It just looks so cool -

I use "Map My Run" and we walked 3 miles. Best part? Walking them with my mom.

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