Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{Shopping}: Target run.

Last Friday night Jake and I were oh-so-married and our date night out was Target and dinner. The thing is? I love going to Target so this was my kinda date night! Plus with Jake studying all the time we don't get to go to Target together too much anymore so it was kind of special.

Whenever we go to Target, Jake always has to stop at the electronics section and check out the video games. Usually there are some kids playing the demo games but apparently 8pm on a Friday night wasn't big for the tween crowd at Target so he got to play this new PSP:

Yup, my husband still loves video games. You never outgrow it.

We spotted several deals that were sharing worthy. First, these shorts - flat front with a belt, fun colors for $15. Now for Jake's clothes we usually get Land's End because they are sturdy and he wears them so much that it is worth the cost. But a good shopper tip is for a piece of clothing you won't wear as much (like these blue shorts), I'm ok getting Target clothes.

I spied this bag for Elise, who has been on a handbag quest to replace a soft and well loved spring handbag. This one just screamed out her name and so I texted her a picture of it.

Also if you're at Target, you've got to check out these t-shirts. Lately I've been really into wearing solid color v-necks for casual wear. You know, I'm kinda past the sorority t-shirts for my errand running attire and these really fit the bill. I found these Hanes eco line vnecks for $10 in the men's section. They are super soft and fit perfect. I now own a grey, white, and black.

Also, I'm all about saving where I can and so I have to share another tip. I love Aveda's Rosemary Mint shampoo and when my mom was buying my hair products back in the day, I was all about it (thanks, mom!) but now that I'm footing the bill, I am proud to say I found a very good substitute. Suave makes a rosemary mint that "compares to Aveda" (read: knockoff) and you get the conditioner and shampoo both for $3.49. You can't beat it - it smells great and works better than most of the $8-10 shampoos I buy. I might be getting a little salesman here but I just had to share the good news of haircare.

After gathering our necessities (we had to buy more dog treats because Beamer climbed on the counter from the chair again and ate the treats out of the jar... this dog...), we headed to dinner and went on with our hot date night.

Until next time, here's to Tar-jay.
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KellyH said...

I love that Rosemary mint shampoo too! Target is the best!


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