Saturday, April 7, 2012

{Love list}: I'm loving my Erin Condren planner!

For a while now I've been lusting after all things Erin Condren (go here for her website. no really, you must go). So, being the "frugalista" (aka cheap one) that I am, I have held off and done quite well with my school supplied planner. Now I love a good planner - I am very digital but the act of writing things down spatially just works for my brain. Some people have gone all iphone ical but I need to be able to lay out what I'm doing, make to-do lists, and plan ahead.

Two weeks ago, my friend Rachel knew I had been lusting after one and that the 2012 planners were on sale for 40% off (making sense because in April now we are 1/4th of the way through the year). Being the giving person she is, she surprised me with a personalized "life planner" of my very own!!

Since I'm obsessed with this thing, I thought I'd feature her on the blog. All the cool bloggers like Blue Eyed Bride and According to Nina have been talking about these for a while so I'm jumping on the bandwagon of cute personalized organization.

Here she is, straight out of the box - you can pick the cover style you want. There are LOTS of options and you can even have a picture on the front if you want.

This planner is the Weekly On the Go Life Planner (or just Life Planner as it is on the website). Each month has its own tab. Mine starts at April since that is when I got it but obviously if you got one for the next year, it would have all the months.

Each month has a space for notes with a fun and uplifting phrase at the top. I love the style of her planner - the colors and fonts are fab.

After the notes section there is a month at a glance calendar:

Each month also has a goals and to-do section for the month:

Then each week has its own page. The sidebar has goals and to-dos for the week as well. 

After the month/week stuff, the back has some goodies. There are a lot of stickers for different things like parties, games, weddings, etc (plus a good amount of blank ones so you can fill in your own stickers).

There's also a pocket folder for important papers, as well as a plastic pouch. It even came with a few matching labels that I'll definitely be using for something fun.

So there you have my latest obsession, my erin condren planner. I can't wait to carry it around and use it!

And now I'm going to try to stay as organized as I feel with this new planner!

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Andrea said...

Yay!!!!! =) I'm so glad you joined the club! I obviously love mine and the cover on yours is super cute! =)

Unknown said...

thanks for the sweet blog post! glad you love it! enjoy!


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