Thursday, April 12, 2012

{Go there}: La Baguette.

I love "La Bag." It is the lunch place of choice for my friends when we're all back in town. It is Midtown-ish in location (important) since it is by the Main library on Poplar. La Baguette is a French bakery that serves lunch to a "ladies that lunch" kinda crowd.

Their set up is a bit confusing - they have three different counters. From what I've gathered over the years, you go to the front counter for pick up orders and for buying things out of the cases (breads and pastries). The middle counter is for to-go or quick service lunches from the menu and the back is to sit down and eat a meal.

Usually we go to the back and sit down since we're in for a chat and visit with each other. This option is good because of endless baguette bread you get. I usually get the tomato soup (which is good and spicy) and a half of a turkey sandwich (on baguette, what else?). They have your typical lunch offerings - sandwiches, pasta salad, soups, etc.

But the other day I went a different route. It was pretty outside and I wanted to have a garden lunch with the hubs, who was on his study break. So I stopped by and got a baguette to go ($2.45 - what a steal).

I came back and prepared a plate of cheeses (brie and cheddar), apples, and edamame to go with our bread and we sat outside and enjoyed a light, refreshing meal in the beautiful weather.

So next time you're interested in having a meal at home but want to make it fancy, stop by and get some bread from "La Bag." They have other kinds of bread too - all delicious and fresh.

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Natalie Tate said...

I love La Bag! Their french onion soup is amazing.

mollie bailey said...

One of my favorite places in Memphis. I always go for the tomato soup + quiche of the day... usually followed by a chocolate eclair!


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