Monday, April 9, 2012

{Go there}: New favorite pizza from Trolley Stop.

I am very much obsessed with Trolley Stop on Madison at Orleans. It features fresh food and has the cutest little marketplace. They have a revolving menu based on what the farmer suppliers have available and post their menu for the night on their facebook page (you don't have to be on fb to see it, mom!).

Jake goes more than I do because it is walking distance from school for him. I go often for girly breakfast club but don't get there much for lunch or dinner. So when I heard that they had new specialty pizzas on their menu, I knew it was a must-try. We were off for "Spring Break 2" round these parts Friday so Jake and I were civilized real adults and lunched together.

And that is where my new favorite pizza from Trolley Stop comes in. We were going to try the chicken-gorgonzola pizza (doesn't that sound fab?!) but they were out of gorgonzola (oh the horror). So we got their potato rosemary pizza and added sausage and feta.

Oh goodness. This pizza. You'd think potatoes wouldn't be good on a pizza but let me tell you from experience - to.die.for. We had half for lunch and then took the rest home as leftovers (their pizzas are HUGE! we got the small!). Next time we'll definitely get it again and add garlic to the add-ons.

You definitely need to go to Trolley Stop and try this pizza.
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