Saturday, April 14, 2012

{Life}: Random Update.

It is time once again for another random life update. Compiling the pictures taken in the past weeks, this is a little trip through typical life, in no particular order. On to the pictures..

Two weekends ago I decided my beautiful car was too dirty and needed a bath. Beamer and I spent an hour driving around Memphis looking for a car-wash (the kind you just pay and go through) - apparently there are tons in East Memphis but not so much in Midtown. We finally found one and then I waited in line because the machine said it took cards. It didn't. Then I was ok because I had cash - except all I had was a $10 and it only took $1's and $5's... so I had to drive through the car wash without a wash, go inside and pay for a code, then get BACK in line. After all that, the car wash didn't even get my car entirely clean. I spent an hour this past weekend truly cleaning it by hand. But at least Beamer loved his car ride:

This next story is about Beamer too... he has struck again. I came home the other day to find our treat jar empty under the dining table. Somehow he took the full jar of treats down from the counter and ate the entire jar of pupperonis. I'm still not sure how he managed to carry the jar down without breaking it.  He's getting defiant in his old age.

The other day I got my first gel manicure for Easter. I went with my favorite color, Lincoln Park after Dark. So far it has withstood several beatings with no chipping so this may be worth the extra money. It was $25 at Nina's Nails on Poplar. A regular manicure there is $12 but those chip after a day for me so the extra money seems worth it.

Last weekend we had dinner at my parental units' house and their dutch irises had bloomed by the garage. I thought they were so pretty!

Also at dinner the other night my dad pulled out a 1982 red wine from his cellar. It was delicious. And deserved a picture.

And of course no blog post would be complete without pictures of puppies. Here are Harley and Beamer snoozing the other day:

I've been sitting outside a lot reading and the dogs have been out with me too. Here's Sebastian sunbathing by the steps:

And Harley in the shade by the garage:

I had a bit of retail therapy the other day at Ross (dress for less!) and got this purse for $15. It is brown "leather" at the top and then black canvas for the base. I like it because it is casual and I can wear it with either black or brown outfits. Isn't it fun?

And lastly, after the Easter vigil the other night we came home and watched the last of the Grizz game. They won, which was especially exciting because they were coming off two big wins and this really stepped up their street cred in the league (apparently - so says twitter).

So there you have it. A random update. Until next time!
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