Monday, April 2, 2012

{Go there}: Patrick's Steak and Spirits.

Last month a blog I follow about Memphis food hosted a giveaway for their blog-iversary. I entered on a whim and ended up winning a gift certificate to Patrick's Steak and Spirits. I have only ever been there once so this was a great excuse to haul out to East Memphis (it is on Park at Mendenhall) and go.

Last night Jake and I made a Target run and so we decided to go to Patrick's afterwards and use our gift certificate. We got there around 9:30 and so we were given the Late Night menus instead of their regular menu. Luckily everything we wanted was still on this shortened menu. Their regular menu has veggie plates, which were one of my contenders, but the late night menu is much more "bar food."

We started out with an order of fried pickles. I am a fried pickle connoisseur and try to get them whenever I see them on a menu. These particular ones were chips and were just a little zesty in the batter, which was a great touch.


After the pickles came our main dinner. Jake really wanted to try their brie burger but they were out for the night so he got a regular burger, which he said was messy but good. I got chicken tenders and we both got curly fries. Their fries were so good. In fact, Jake said that the curly fry is seriously underutilized in restaurants. And I agree wholeheartedly. These fries were both curly and seasoned, which is a double win in my book.

I also have to mention how nice the patio was. It was a nice night and so we sat out on their patio. Even though the restaurant sits on a pretty busy street, it didn't seem loud at all and it was really a nice place to be.

All in all, I will definitely return to Patrick's. If I lived in East Memphis I would probably go even more. Special shout out to Shannon Little, Memphis Foodie, for the gift certificate!

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