Friday, May 4, 2012

{House}: Exterior, Step Two.

When last I posted about our exterior renovations, I had just selected and ordered our door and window. Well after being very patient, our order came in and our contractor found time to duck out of a bigger project for a day and start our work! Our window was a custom order and so we had to wait a little longer than usual for it, so I completely understood (plus we're in no hurry).

So on Tuesday I got the call that our contractor (John, he's the best) was going to meet the guy from Christenson Sash and Door over at our house to deliver the door and window. You better believe I was there snapping pictures:

Safely stored in the garage, John promised to come back when he could and do the install. It would take two days so he was going to do the door first and then the window second. Sure enough I got a call on Wednesday that he'd be coming on Thursday!

So when I got home on Thursday afternoon, what used to look like this:

Looked like this:

And a closer look:

Obviously there's still some stuff to be done on the door - finishing the trim out, painting the front, and staining the back. But it is progress! Step Two is almost complete. Step Three will be next week, putting the new window in. Then we'll take a break before completing the project with posts replacing wrought iron and fixing the broken stairs.

Here's to progress in the "make our house less ugly" quest!

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Natalie Tate said...

Are you still painting the door turquoise? That'll look great! I love watching house projects come together, mostly because I never follow through with stuff like that myself!

Unknown said...

Natalie - Funny you should ask.. because I can't decide! I want to paint it turquoise but I kind of want to stain it too so I don't know. I'll blog about my indecision:)

Allison said...

i was going to ask the same question! definitely a post worthy question. i want to see all of your ideas! without really thinking about it, i think a yellowy color like your kitchen tiles would be cute... but it might not show up well?

Unknown said...

Oh Allison - I didn't even think of yellow. How fun would that be?! I'm leaning towards staining it now but I'm definitely going to blog about my decision.


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