Friday, March 9, 2012

{House}: Exterior, Step One.

Today was a big day in the world of our exterior renovation project! After dreaming and blogging for two and a half years, I finally bit the bullet and did something. As I mentioned last week, the exterior of our house was not looking so great (check out the befores here). So last Friday I had someone from Christenson Sash and Door here in town (recommended and used very often by our contractor) come out and quote us on replacing the door:

After getting measurements and talking numbers, it came down to the decision time. We could:

1) Keep our existing wood door and order a security door using a company our contractor recommended called All Weather Doors. We wanted something very simple, no wrought iron, just glass.

2) Get rid of both doors and get one solid, nice new door. The Christenson guy suggested a Craftsman style and he had me at hello - in my head that is what I was picturing. It was perfect.

In addition, while he was there I had him look at our big window on the porch:

This window's storm companion had broken and the glass to fix it was going to be $500 (since it is 5ft by 6ft, it must be tempered glass). The nice man from Christenson (Dan, if you must know) said he would include a quote for a new window that would be double-paned, block UV rays, and save on energy. He even came up with the idea of making the style of the new window match the Craftsman door we talked about. Basically it would be one large lower pane for the bottom 2/3rds with a top pane broken into 5 lites to mimic the style of the door.

So after he left with promises of sending numbers and quotes to me, it was time to make some decisions. Decisions about doors. Decisions about windows. After reviewing his email with the quote, I stopped by the store (over on Flicker for you locals) and checked out the door I'd be ordering (it is a special order but they had one in stock for someone else). That pretty much sealed it. I'm obsessed with this door, y'all. Who knew you could love a front door this much?

The new door looks something like this (picture stolen from google images, source forthcoming):
It comes as natural wood and I would stain the back to match our trim and then paint the front. I'm pretty set on painting the front of it an exterior-paint version of our bathroom color, Drizzle by Sherwin Williams:
If the color doesn't stand out enough against our brick, I might go one darker to Lagoon. I'm pretty obsessed with red+turquoise right now and think it will be super trendy chic.

But I digress. Back to the decision making process. I didn't get to see the window but found this image online on a real estate listing from some random site ( when I tried to google the term "craftsman style picture window". Basically imagine just that center window, now the left and right panes.

So after getting the quote, checking out the door, and weighing the options, here's how the logic in my head went...

I can get the door and window I really want for the EXACT same price as a new storm window and security door that I don't really want. And with that, I got the confidence I needed to pull the hypothetical trigger.

So with that, I give you the before one more time..

Today I ordered my fabulous door and window. Step one will be replacing these. For a little bit we'll be living with wrought iron posts but a new door and window but that is ok by me.. we'll take this project a step at the time.

In curb appeal,
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KellyH said...

Congratulations on going for the new door and window!!! I'm excited to see what they look like installed. Like that blue color too.

Our Volunteer Family said...

We are wanting to order a new door too (craftsman style) and a cedar post to replace our column. I guess I should call those people you suggested...

Unknown said...

Thank you Kelly! It is a bit of a leap of faith to go the Craftsman route because we are so "rancher" with our exterior right now but it will fit with the neighborhood better so hopefully it looks good!

Alissa - I would recommend Christenson totally 100%. My parents used them for our duplex overhaul and my contractor uses them on every project he needs windows/doors for and I trust John (our contractor) and his opinions. He's a perfectionist.

Unknown said...

Perhaps, it's an happy event when someone finds his or her desired things to go and I was also pleased to know that finally you found your home decor and improvement destination. Also glad to learn about Christenson Sash and Door and all Weather Doors. The door and Windows Replacement and fixing experience you shared here was very useful. The new door and the windows looks good enough. I like the way you presented the whole renovation event. Thanks for sharing.

Willy said...

Great home improvement helping article. The wooden door with excellent design look so so elegant. I was in search of getting some windows and doors newmarket, I got me here. The after before door with new color was very lovely. The house also look gorgeous.


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