Monday, March 26, 2012

{Life}: Weekend Update.

Gotta love springtime. It brings hope, activity, and happiness. This weekend was no exception. Friday night we went with the parental units to dinner at Itta Bena (no pictures, felt that would be tacky at a place that nice but I have to say if you can go, you should - so delicious) and then to see La Cage at the Orpheum. Saturday morning I did something rare and slept in... slept in until 9:30! That is huge because lately I've been getting up at 7 on weekends (which is sleeping in from my usual 5:50 rise time).

After a great night's sleep, I walked over to my parent's house for brunch with my brothers, who were leaving for school this weekend after spring break all week. It was such a wonderful day and my parents live close so I am glad I walked. I snapped a few pictures along the way..

Walking away from my house it was nice to see that I haven't killed our azaleas still. The left ones have bloomed and the right ones are later bloomers.

Whenever we go anywhere, Tyson always watches us as we walk away so I snapped this picture of him:

It was an absolutely beautiful day on Saturday - blue skies, no clouds. I took these pictures as I walked with my iPhone and didn't edit them or use any filters, which just shows how pretty it really was naturally:

I got to my parents' house, which is a lovely place indeed:

My mom was busy cooking up brunch in the kitchen. My brother has a waffle maker that is serious business and he loves it when my mom makes waffles with it.

She also had bacon going:

Add in the fresh pineapple and a table full of family and we had ourselves a nice morning:

Saturday afternoon Jake got a haircut and then we went to go see the Hunger Games. The movie - oh my gosh. So good. Only made me more excited to go home and finish the third book (which I did on Sunday). Afterwards we went on an appetizer crawl (post forthcoming) and over to Jake's parents to see his sister.

Sunday brought church, a brunch with Jake's family, and then some reading and work around the house before our tradition of Garabaldi's pizza for dinner. And with that, the weekend was behind us again. Here's to a great one and also here's to the next one.

In sunshine,
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