Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{Go there}: RP Tracks and Bosco's - March Appetizer Crawl.

Sometimes Jake and I do a little activity called our appetizer crawl. We got this idea from his parents, who love to hop from place to place getting appetizers on special occasions, and we've done it a few times now. Usually we do one of these when we want to spend some time together and eat out but can't decide where to go or what to have, so we just get the best of several places.

Saturday afternoon was beautiful - blue skies, 70 degrees. When we got out of our movie (Hunger Games...so good) we decided to do a little March Appetizer Crawl. We had grand intentions but only ended up going two places, which is more than fine by me.

We started out at RP Tracks, getting their nachos. I have blogged about them before here and mentioned then that our waiter suggested getting the chips on the side next time, so we definitely did that:

We also made sure to get black bean chili with our jerk chicken nachos - you're supposed to get the black bean automatically but one time they give us the meat chili and it was meat overload. After a little time hanging out there, we went over to say hi to Jake's sister, who was in town, diverting from our app path for just a bit before jumping back in with a stop at Bosco's.

At Bosco's we got the Garlic Parmesan fries - they aren't on the appetizer menu but you can order them none the less and they are amazing. Get them with ranch.

After that we headed on home, two stops in. Turns out our eyes and ideas were in fact bigger than our stomachs. I'm already scheming for next month's appetizer crawl, though. I'm thinking of turning it into a fun, friend-filled event to celebrate Jake's boards. Making all the stops near each other so we can walk and have a grand old time. Thoughts?

In having options when it comes to appetizers,
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Natalie said...

I love Bosco's fries!
You could definitely do a Cooper-Young appetizer crawl! Young Ave, Sweetgrass Next Door, Cafe Ole, Beauty Shop, ALCHEMY. Downtown's good for walking, too. We went to Eighty3 at the Madison for my boyfriend's birthday and it was amazing. The chef came out and talked to everyone and gave recommendations and the food was SO GOOD. They're small plates/tapas style like Alchemy. I need to stop thinking about food. haha

KellyH said...

Appetizer crawl is a genius idea. Going to have to do this!!

andrea said...

Okay, so I love this appetizer crawl idea. I'm a huge app fan and have always said if I were to (go nuts and) open a restaurant, it would be all apps/small plates and drinks and dessert. I will be putting an appetizer crawl on the to-do list! =)

Shannon Little said...

I order Bosco's parmesan garlic fries every time I go. They never disappoint!


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