Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{Go there}: Brass Door.

My church Young Adults Ministry does a "Pub Theology" one Sunday a month where we go to eat for lunch downtown (at a pub, hence the name) and talk on a specified topic relating to the church and our spirituality. Our church crowd is pretty obsessed with a relatively new place in town, the Brass Door on Madison at Second. This particular Sunday's topic was Lent (as we were entering that season) and how to carry that out in our daily lives.

I've gone to the Brass Door several times now. I've been impressed and disappointed all at once every time. I love the architecture and environment. It has three floors (the second floor is a loft-type space and the basement is where they have live music), the floors are crazy cool, and it just feels very urban chic. I am obsessed with their curry sauce (ask for it with your fries) and their goat cheese balls (currently drooling as I type this). The servers are always nice. The Brass Door has gone out of their way to accommodate our group on Sunday mornings and I can't say that about other restaurants we've been to.

I think the Brass Door really shines as the Irish pub that it is. Where it falls short... well I've ordered the burger twice now. The first time it was very dry and hard to eat but the fries were delicious. Thin. Crispy. This last time, I gave the burger another go, ordering the bacon and cheese burger off the brunch menu. When I got the burger, it was lacking bacon and the garlic aioli. I did get them to bring me some bacon but I never got the aioli sauce and the burger just was not good. With that being said, Jake said his was phenomenal so I guess the aioli makes the difference. In addition, the fries were different than I had remembered and not that great - but others liked them so maybe I was just put off.

So on to some photo evidence. We've been for dinner and brunch and I am sure it is a fun spot for lunch if you work or play downtown. The place is dimly lit like any good bar, so bear with me, but here is the brunch menu:

And the infamous goat cheese balls. They come with drizzled honey on them. This might be my favorite thing to eat ever in life. They come with four but we ate some before I took the picture. I just couldn't wait.

Any good brunch wouldn't be complete without a bloody mary and a mimosa. We indulged.

Cool architectural details:

Burger and fries (and that curry sauce!):

I just had to insert a picture of Ben, our priest. He was *super* excited about having his picture taken...

Love this floor that runs throughout the first floor:

Random shot of people's back = not cute. But the point of the shot is to show you the whole place from the door.

I took this shot on the way back to church and our car. The day was gorgeous and Court Square just seemed so inviting. I just love Downtown Memphis.

Until next time, you should go there - The Brass Door, Madison at 2nd.

In curry sauce and goat cheese balls (but not together...)
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