Sunday, March 4, 2012

{Make this}: Mexican Flatbread Pizzas.

I love pizza. I love beans. I love cilantro. Take those passions and combine them and Mexican Flatbread Pizzas are born. I vaguely remember seeing a somewhat similar recipe on Pinterest but this particular iteration of the recipe come straight from yours truly, out of my mind and thoughts. I have no sources to cite, so you must forgive me for that.

I like to think this recipe is somewhat healthy, especially if you don't heap on cheese as I did or supplement your meal with entirely too much Mexican rice. And so, for those of you looking for a good, cheap, healthy vegetarian meal, I give you this one.

You'll need:
flatbread (got ours at Kroger by the cheese section with the pitas)
1 can black beans
1 can refried beans (we went fat free)
1 small can of corn
1 can rotel tomatoes (your choice of mild, hot, or cilantro lime)
cheese of your choice
*jalapenos (optional)
*taco seasoning (optional)

1) Take your flat bread and spread your (unheated, straight out of the can) refried beans on each flatbread, as many as you want. Two flatbreads used about 1/2 the can.

2) In a bowl, drain and mix your black beans, rotel tomatoes, and corn. Add in chopped cilantro (unless you're like some people I know who hate cilantro. Then leave it out). This will be your topping to your "pizza." Spread it over the refried beans in an even layer.

(note: I used 1 can black beans, 1 can rotel, and a small can of corn and got a TON of this mixture so if you'd like, you could do the same and save the black bean and corn salad mixture for lunches. It is yummy on its own - you could even add fresh lime).

3) Add some shredded cheese of your choice on top. Not too much, just enough to melt over.

4) I forgot to mention - you should have preheated your oven's broiler. We broiled these at 525 for about 5 minutes but just watch them to see when they start to get toasted. Your end result will be a crispy crust and melted toppings.

5) Use a pizza cutter to slice them up how you want. We served with Mexican rice but honestly it was enough food without it. We ended up taking half of each of ours for lunch the next day.

Go ahead and try it out! I think this recipe is a keeper.

In corn and cilantro,

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