Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{Life}: Random Picture Update.

I love having an iphone because I get to snap pictures all the time and end up with a nice little collection of reminders of the good life. Here's a glimpse into what I've been snapping lately:

Post Spring Break has been a madhouse around here at work. I can't believe it is almost April which means almost May which means almost summer. We're in the downward swing. I snapped this picture of my room one afternoon last week when one of my cute students stayed after school to do some test revisions on one of the prettiest days we had - dedication.

That same week our air conditioner wasn't working at school and so I finally gave up (after a girl threw up from heat exhaustion) and taught class in the bleachers of the football stadium. Our stadium is new and is so nice.

One of my go-to snacks lately has been brie slices from this log of brie cheese you can buy at the grocery store. A few pickles, the brie slices, and a toasted asian sesame vinaigrette and I'm happy and full.

We took Tyson to the vet last week and so we had his tacky carrier out of the garage for the occasion. When I got back I set it down and hadn't moved it back to the garage. A few hours later I noticed that Tyson had decided it was his cat-cave and had moved in.

This week I surprised my first period class with donuts - Donald's in Midtown on Union. My kids are being really pushed and challenged so I needed to bribe them a little. Plus AP World History at 7:30AM is pretty early and donuts always help.

I've taken back up clipping coupons that we get in the mail. First step is clipping, next step is remembering to use them. Also another key step - not buying things just because they are on sale/have a coupon.

Before spring break I got a coverlet/quilt from TJ Maxx for the guest room bed (part of my home goals for 2012). I have been looking for quite some time and was really excited to find just the right thing. This room is no where near done but it is making key progress. More on that to come.

The other night I was following along our meal plan for the week when we realized that Jake forgot the cream cheese for the recipe. He was mid shredding the rotisserie chicken and so he pushed the bowl back on the counter and ran to the store. About the same time the phone rang so I went to the front room to get away from the dogs (who are rude when I'm on the phone). I heard a clanging and knew before I even got back in the room what had happened - I found Beamer perched on the den arm chair reaching with his front paws on the counter of the island, devouring the chicken pieces. After that scene, I surely wasn't making chicken pockets with that bowl of chicken. And that is how Tuesday night found us here...

We had a coupon for $10 off our meal and I actually really like Outback. I know chains are "the devil" and I'm all about eating local (as evidenced by my blog posts and the proliferation of Memphis eating posts) but sometimes a chain just gets it right. For $9.99 I can get a 6oz steak, green beans, and a caesar salad. It is the perfect dinner and I find it just delicious. So even though I was all set for chicken pockets, eating at Outback wasn't so bad after all.

We got home to find Beamer feeling a little ill to his stomach. He spent the rest of the night lying around and such:

I guess that is what an entire rotisserie chicken will do to you.

And with that, I told you this was random. But that is life.
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KellyH said...

I really like outback too! Their side salads are the best. I usually get the salmon..yum so good!
I like the new coverlet. TJ Maxx is my favorite for finding inexpensive quilts. I have a white king size quilt in our bedroom from there that was only 50 bucks (a pretty good deal) and I love it :)

Reenie said...

Ahh Beamer!! HA! Love the bedspread. =)


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