Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Make this}: Meal Planning Day Two Update.

On Sunday I blogged about our meals for the week and have been checking in after every meal we make to show the "after." Tuesday night we made the Cheesy Baked Pasta with Spinach and Artichoke from Real Simple. The recipe is here, on their website.

My thoughts on this meal: very easy to make, filling, inexpensive in terms of ingredients, would be a great pre-make and deliver with instructions for a sick friend/new family/new neighbor. Spinach makes it healthy.

Suggestions: make sure you buy creamed frozen spinach. Last time we bought chopped spinach and it just did not do as well. There were tons of frozen spinach packages at our store but only one kind of creamed spinach. Also get a big thing of fresh mozzarella and grate it yourself instead of the bagged stuff or the little mozz pearls. It makes a difference. We broiled it per instructions but it was still cold in the center so we had to put it in for longer, so use your own judgement.

In saving money and eating well (or trying...),
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