Sunday, March 18, 2012

{Life}: Weekend Wrap-up.

I spent my Spring Break this past week traveling (thus the lack of posting) and am going to blog about my awesome trip but in the meantime, I wanted to give an update on our weekend around here.

While I was gone up to the land of Yankees, spring rolled in full force around here. I got back Friday and there was pollen everywhere, the grass was coming in, and flowers were blooming. With that, I put on my first sandals of the season.

Also coming home I got a good surprise - I didn't kill our azaelas from last spring! The little guys have not only grown, but are starting to bloom again for the year.

Saturday brought some school work, a hair cut, errands, and a little bit of hanging out before having my family over for dinner. The brothers were coming in town from Knoxville for their Spring Break and came straight to our house. They brought their cat and dog (the cat stayed in the carrier and hissed at Ty). Here's Oscar, their basset hound - he's a Belly Rub Basset too.

The weather continued to be gorgeous and we grilled out steaks. There was a bit of hanging out on the patio and chatting. Here's Jacob:

And Ezra with my dad -

The dogs played endlessly and Harley was caught several times just lying down out of exhaustion:

We tried to get all four bassets together for a picture. This was the best we got - from the top left there's Beamer, Oscar, Sebastian, and Harley.

The dinner was delicious - steaks, asparagus, rosemary potatoes, and Sister Shubert rolls. Here's the fam:

After fam din we headed downtown, not to celebrate St. Patrick's day, but to celebrate a med school friend's birthday. I was a bit worried about standing out without any green on but ended up being more than fine:

We went to South of Beale on Main Street:

This morning brought a bell performance at church while Jake studied for a bit. We hit our favorite spot, Slider Inn, for lunch.

Next we did a bit of meal planning for the week. Gotta get back on track there. Here's our schedule for the week:

And our grocery list:
 (link to recipes here)

After getting home, Jake studied a bit more while I napped in the sun. Then we took a walk around the neighborhood.

Tonight we'll do our usual pizza/grocery run and I'll call it a night early. The perfect end to a perfect Spring Break. Two months until Summer Break!!!

In sunshine and springtime,
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