Monday, March 19, 2012

{Life}: Randomness.

Life has been all kinds of busy around here and I've been loving it. Here are a few things we've been doing:

Beamer loves car rides so if I'm running a short errand on a lazy day, I load him up and put him in the car. This is a big treat for him. See how happy he is?

After hearing about how amazing Shamrock Shakes are (and falling prey to marketing strategies), I got one at McDonald's. Disappointing. I earnestly believe that they are better up North (my friend Molly swears so) but down here it just tasted very fake-mint-y. Bummer!

The other day we were leaving and Ty was sending us off and I thought this scene was too good not to snap a picture - this is typical Tyson. (sidenote: see why we need a new window?!)

I had a good hair day and documented it. Vain? Yes.

We've been having good weather so we've been doing a lot of playing in the back yard. Here's Sebastian after a big round of playing:

That same weekend, Harley got invited on a playdate with Brittain's puppy Luna and Brie's puppy Boston:

She was just so excited when she found out her offer was accepted (that is a basset excited face..):

And so we hit the road to go over to our favorite dog park:

She made lots of friends (and saw her dog-cousin, my cousin's Oakley) but spent most of her time with Luna and Boston:

 I've been doing a "#marchphotoaday" challenge on Instagram (I'm kjasper if you're on there). Here was one day - the theme was "what I wore":
 Harley and Beamer have been doing a lot of synchronized sleeping around here. It is pretty precious:

Last weekend we got invited to a "'stache bash" for one of Jake's friends from high school. Jake went all Tom Selleck/80's for the shindig. The girls even got fake mustaches if we wanted them.

Here's Zach, the host:

Lastly, one more picture of Beamer. Just cause.

So that is what we've been up to lately. Pretty exciting stuff!

In life and the little things,
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