Friday, March 23, 2012

{Make this}: Meal Planning Update, Day Four.

This week I have been doing blogging updates about my meal plan for the week, posted last Sunday. Thursday night was Cilantro Lime Chicken night and we decided to turn that into chicken tacos. I was pretty durn pleased with the results and wanted to share our method:

After following these crock pot instructions, we took corn tortillas and warmed them on the skillet, 2X as many as the tacos we wanted. We then took the tortillas and stacked two together and then put the shredded chicken mixture on the tortilla with shredded cheese on top. We then broiled the tacos until the cheese was browned and then added fresh chopped cilantro before serving. We got the idea from our favorite Mexican restaurant, Las Delicias. To eat, you fold these into a taco (which is misleading because they are served open faced).

Suggestions: for the crock pot, make sure to add your cilantro towards the end of the crock-pot time. Make sure to use two corn tortillas for each taco because the juice from the chicken causes the tacos to rip.

In cilantro and cheese,
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