Saturday, March 17, 2012

{Pets}: Sebastian.

We have three dogs and a cat. Beamer, Sebastian, and Harley + Tyson the kitty. Beamer was our first puppy, then I adopted Sebastian during my Master's year, and we just got Harley last year. We love each of our pups equally but some people have noted (cough cough, Robyn!) that we take less pictures of Sebastian. And this is true...

Harley and Beamer snuggle in the den with us and are around a lot. Sebastian loves his house and a lot of times will be found sleeping in his kennel when we're all in the den. So he misses a lot of the picture opportunities. Not only that but he doesn't do well with taking pictures. Not because he doesn't want to - it is a fault of his personality. Sebastian gets so excited when you pay attention to him that he lunges at you, making photo opportunities really hard.

But lately I have made a better effort to get good pictures of Sebastian. Because my friends are right. He deserves pictures too. He is the most wonderful dog for so many reasons. He is overly affectionate. He is fiercely loyal. He is smaller than Beamer (and smaller than Harley will be full grown) so he is more manageable for me. He loves life and gets so excited about everything from snuggles to walks.

What is funny is that Beamer is technically Jake's dog and Sebastian is technically my dog, but at night when Jake is studying, Beamer sleeps in the bed with me and Sebastian stays up front with Jake until he's done studying and then they both come to bed. Sebastian loves Jake and when Jake is watching TV, Sebastian will sit in his lap, thinking he's a lap dog.

We love our Bastie. He's a beagle-basset that we rescued from Belly Rubs Basset Rescue (same as Harley). I absolutely recommend them for adopting your next furry best friend.

In licks and drool.
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Robyn said...

I almost missed this post!! YAY Sebastian!! He is so adorable. Next time you make a play date at the doggie park, I'm kidnapping him and tagging along! :)


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