Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{Travel}: Spring Break Trip, Day One.

My bestest friend, Elise, goes to graduate school at Yale University in New Haven, CT. She'll be graduating in May so I took my spring break as an opportunity to go visit the girl up in Yankee land.

(sidenote: Elise, can you please blog more?? I miss it!)

So Monday of spring break, I flew out for the land of angry drivers and parking meters - New Haven. Before leaving I made the decision that I was going to buy in to the Hunger Games series. See - I'm not much of a band wagon book reader. I have never read a Harry Potter or Twilight. I held off here, I really did. With that being said - oh.my.gosh. Hunger Games Trilogy = life.

I read the first book (The Hunger Games) on the flight there and the second (Catching Fire) on the flight home. I've got Mockingjay left but know I want to read it straight through so I'm waiting... but the movie is out on March 23rd (so excited!).

Slight problem though. I bought the first book at Walmart (on the cheap) and got to page 26 and noticed the next page did not line up with the story line. Looked at the page numbers and somehow 30 pages of the 300s were inserted instead of my 26 - 58. So I missed part of the story. It was pretty strange - they weren't inverted either because those 300s pages were printed again in the right spot. Moral of the story? Don't go to Walmart.

I had a very early flight and then a quick layover in Atlanta so by the time I got to New Haven it was 1pm and I needed a snack. Elise+Gracie (our other friend at Yale, she's the best!) were picking me up but running late so I figured my guilty pleasure of choice, a McNugget Happy Meal (don't get me started on the health issues - I know, I know) would be just the ticket. Well apparently in the land of Yankees they do things differently because I got the regular Happy Meal and the first thing I noticed was that I had approximately 8 fries total. Check out the size of the container. And I have small hands. Really, McDonalds? Comical and disappointing.

Upon arrival in New Haven (I actually flew into Hartford so we drove about an hour), we decided to remedy the hunger situation by getting cupcakes. We went to this adorable little place, Claire's. They had lots of choices:

Elise and I decided to split a red velvet and I got some hummus too.

(sidenote again - we ate A LOT on this trip)

Once back at their cute blue house, I met their other house guest for the week, Bourdeau (Boo for short). He's a Bernese Mountain Dog and belongs to their friend who was in Israel for spring break. Boo was the sweetest guy:

After chillaxin for a while and chatting up a storm, we ventured out in search of "New Haven style pizza." I did not know that such a thing existed, much less was famous, but apparently it does and is.

While waiting for said pizza, we discovered we were all clad in Toms. Why we're friends:

The pizza place was called Frank Pepe's and I do believe it was the best pizza I've ever had in my life outside of San Francisco (Tony's just stands alone). The cheese blend reminded me a lot of my favorite pizza in Germany (at an Italian restaurant run by Turks but that's a different story). We chowed down.

After gorging ourselves on pizza, we hit up the Red Box and got Bad Teacher and Horrible Bosses and settled in for the night. Horrible Bosses = good, Bad Teacher = ok.

And there you have day one of my Yankee adventure.

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